Tuesday, 13 March 2012

January Specialities

Remember #whatdeandid which spawned this website? I threw this one in, in January no hashtag:

  • Dean  let the dogs out

A couple of music themed posts which I had worked really hard on.. (hehe) and due to lack of response, I left it at that...

I don't think My Generation listens to The Who

what is Slang for Def Leppard?

I Heart Barracuda

have you seen Stevie Wonder's new wife? Neither has he

Sometimes I listen to Michael Jackson and Beat it...
(one like, and a comment which said: "You are not alone")

Then there was this one, which I've singled out:

I heard someone say "if I,m not there Mon,Tues or wed... I'll be there Thu or fri"

January 2012

compliments of the season: you look great, nice hairdo or you didnt get as fat this christmas as i expected.

Hey, its 2012 !

the word 'may' is sooo 2011

This was the start to January of  2012, which was followed by:  many events, tagged in locations with people, photos, links and my longish hair, which I'd grown since September '11. 
Here are some originals, in no particular order:

no matter how modern they try to make it, badmington always looks 80's..

Where can one find a wild goose?

you have nice eyes... ...when I'm wearing night vision

i didnt choose my hairstyle, it just grew on me....

spam, when you send your entire address book canned meat

remember library cards

If you follow the 5 second rule long enough, it becomes the 10 second rule...

You know your hair is getting long when... someone says you're beginning to look like jesus

I updated my status, then I erased it.

Do we really know for sure if Bears do shit in the woods, or if the pope is catholic?

I have been diagnosed... With samedesk bruised shin syndrome.. :(

Please help raise funds for the Black eyed peas. They are all sufferers of severe stuttering. This no joke, tell your friends.


the writer of the song 'pour some sugar on me' obviously didnt have ants

stick with me like white on brown rice

how does one obtain a lucky star?

you know what they say, some days you're the horse, some days you're the statue

Saturday, 10 March 2012

December (2011) Facebook stuff

I seemed to be full of advice in December. Alot of these post came from just observing the world around me in my day to day life:

just got a please call me from my own number.... So confused! Do i call?
i liked some stuff, facebook duty fullfilled..
Everyone thinks other people are idiots... Therefore... Sometimes...you're the idiot.
Apparently Gunghaweru doesnt mean what we all think it does
bells should be hung more often throughout the year.... Oh and mistletoe.
why do we touch our chins when we're looking for something on the floor..?
you know when you think you are moving one eyeball at a time.... but you're not
a smile is directly proportional to the loudness of the fart
a key is only as good as the door it opens... Dont know what that means, but i totally just made that up.
Jobs was wrong, you dont need apple products..
this status update is not recycled
whats the postal code for the north pole? Or is santa on skype?

Christmas tips (2011)

My Christmas tip series ran from around the 19th of December. Derived from personal experience, or other completly rubbish ideas:

christmas tip: the key to feeling your presents, is to do it the night before

on comet on cupid on dasher and prancer, on micky and pluto, and that guy from Glee

christmas tip: dont drink and sleigh

christmas tip: dont build a snowman out of sand, cos thats something else.

christmas tip: regifting is not cool

christmas tip: practise you happy face for those socks and hanky gifts..

christmas tip: keep sweets to give to carollers

christmas tip: hang stockings with care

christmas tip: for round gifts, use round sellotape

My facebook in November

  • When i see a gun fight on a movie.. i count bullets...#onlyme
  • Discovery is going to follow me around at work today, filming a new episode of "I Shouldn't Be Alive"
  • whats the number for the ghostbusters? They left that part out of the song..
  • Sometimes I buy a newspaper just to circle classifieds with a red pen...
  • Saw The Nutcracker once, expected more nuts
  • The door hit me on the way out, why didnt somebody warn me?
  • Mobsters still exist, I think they just dress stupider these days!
  • Are SAA commercial airliners Right-Hand drives?
  • i like to seperate people by those who clap harder after an enjoyable performance and those who clap faster.
  • dont you feel like a tard when you have to waft a fly away from your head
  • what if you have a 'had to be there' moment alone
  • fact: the first guy to make popcorn shat himself (8 likes)
  • I watched ants carry an entire hippo out my house... I know what you're thinking... how'd they get it through the front door!!
  • ever sneezed so suddenly that your eyes stayed open? me niether
  • should i have a favourite shape, because i do...
  • whiskers on roses and mittens on kittens...la la la lala la...something

You're in a Boyband bro!

These came to me very suddenly, all at once after seeing a very "boy bandish" Cd cover.

When the whole band is on the cd cover posing in front of a sunset.. you're in a Boyband bro

When you can't date any of your fans because they're all half your age... you're in a Boyband bro

When you spend more time on your hair than on stage... you're in a Boyband bro

When your whole band is made up of males, and no-one plays an instrument... you're in a Boyband bro.

One of my friends wrote this one on my wall:

When the whole band has Justin Bieber hair definitely you're in a Gay Boyband bro....

Nerd Problems

Facebook, Early November 2011. I may or may not be a nerd:

when your internet is out, and you feel all alone in the world... you've got Nerd problems

when you know the path to your temporary internet files... you've got Nerd problems

when you keep a box with spare telephone cables... you've got Nerd problems

when you have more empty DVD spindles than tupperware... you've got Nerd problems

when you look at an old DIMM and think it will make a good keyring..... you've got Nerd problems